The soil, the soil

ground conditions Dec 2013

There was a moment, somewhere between the dry, dry summer and the winter rain where I briefly imagined my soil to be perfect – you know the sort of thing; a light, crumbly, humus-rich loam…  The moment lasted for about two weeks.   I suppose the complete impossibility of inserting a spade in to the rock-hard ground over the summer should have given it away, but there’s nothing like being optimistic when you’ve got three acres to cultivate.  Anyway, it turns out that the soil is 18 inches of topsoil and flint over a lot of clay.  It could be worse.

Now that the soil is wet it has become very heavy to lift and sticks to the spade.  It is useful to get to know this with my own wet and sticky boots and gloves because I can see that extra drainage will be absolutely necessary for some plants – starting with the lavender I plan to use to edge the raised vegetable beds.

Next job: breaking up spare bricks to use as crocks under the lavender…

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